Special Audio Stories for Kids That Teach Your Child How To Gain Self-Esteem, Courage And Optimism

For Kids aged 5-12...
and parents who want their child to have good self-esteem, quality friendships, and happiness

There is nothing worse than having your child struggle in school with friends or classmates!

The worst-case scenario is your child coming home from school crying and saying;

“I don’t have any friends; no one wants to hang out with me; I’m always left out.

In the evening, you sit on the edge of their bed and your child berates themselves and talks badly about themselves; 

“It’s not fun being me; I wish I was someone else!

With that comes the feeling of powerlessness, when you don’t know how to help your child!

You have no idea where to start…

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Self-Esteem, Courage, and Optimism are acquired traits and can be DEVELOPED with the right training.

YOUR child can practice thinking positive thoughts about themselves

With this method, your child can learn that THEY can decide what they want to think and that they can DECIDE whether to change it or not.

And all your child has to do is listen to the Audio Stories.

My name is Jonas Napier and I am a father of 4 and a former professional volleyball player.

I have worked with Creative Visualization and Positive Thinking since I was 16 years old.

“I wanted to teach my children how they could develop a positive mindset of life and a mentality that radiates well-being, harmony, and happiness - not just in their upbringing but on into their adult lives.”

- Jonas Napier, Creator/Founder

I got hold of Elsebeth who is both a psychologist and a mental training expert.

Elsebeth has worked with Cognitive Therapy, Meditation, Positive Psychology and Creative Visualization for more than 35 years - through countless private sessions, teaching and development groups.

Together, we have made a series of Special Audio Stories For Kids from ages 5-12.

Hubert’s 12 Journeys

The Audio Stories contain messages that fill the child’s mind with positive thoughts so the child gains strength and courage to go through life with shining eyes and belief in themselves.

Teach your child to calm down in both body and mind

Teach your child to use Creative Visualization and develop a Positive Mindset

Ease the feeling of powerlessness, now that you are taking action on behalf of the mental health of your child

In Hubert’s 12 Journeys your child will meet a boy named Hubert who teaches your child to have an attitude that weakens negative thoughts and strengthens positive ones.

Your child will think positive thoughts about themselves!

Which is the foundation for a good life and the BEST ability your child can develop.

Your child will imagine to be in possession of characteristics like Gratitude, Courage or Optimism.

And through repetition, it becomes a part of your child’s personality.

Your child gets an inner experience of how it feels to be in possession of positive characteristics.

An experience like this is better than 100 explanations from us grownups.

As your child learns how to use Creative Visualization, the Audio Stories will strengthen your child’s Positive Characteristics!

Inner Peace

You will experience the restless child who can’t sit still, start to find balance, and become more patient and concentrated on schoolwork.


The sad and nervous child will start to value themselves and dare to make suggestions and share their ideas without fearing the opinion of others.

Ability to be a Good Friend

The shy, lonely child who stands alone on the playground will start to make contact with other children without fear of rejection, and be part of the group.

Here’s what parents and kids are saying about Hubert’s 12 Journeys

  • Rewire ApS

    “Dear Jonas - I would just like to tell you what my daughter said yesterday evening before she had to go to sleep (on day 2 of your stories)
    “Mom, it’s like I like myself better after I’ve heard the stories - all the time, I can hear in my head, “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself.” 🥰
    And she also made a mental picture of her classmates saying the same thing.
    And then she hugged her teddy bear and gave me the biggest and happiest smile I had seen in a long time...I was touched deep in my heart and just sent you a lot of warm thoughts and thanks!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and making a difference.
    Lovingly from a happy and thankful mother.””

    behavioral, contact and well-being counselor

  • Rewire ApS

    “Have followed along from the start and am SO thankful that this kind of thing exists.
    It is full of important lessons for our children. Things that should be prioritized in school - but just aren’t there. But it is SUPER GOOD!
    Can highly recommend.
    My kids love all the “Jonas stories.””

    Specialist in Green Areas, mother of 2 girls, 6 and 8

  • Rewire ApS

    “I think it’s really good, because he tells a lot about feelings and how a good day can be. His voice is really relaxing. There’s super good music in the background. I feel more comfortable when I hear it. It makes me think of my friends”

    11 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “We have twins who are almost 9 years old. Our boy falls asleep to the Audio Stories - he has had a very hard time falling asleep in the evening. His concentration has improved (sat on his own for an hour with homework, as he worked happily and with good energy).

    Is happier in general. Both kids laugh more.
    Us grownups are also happier and have more energy. It’s cool to have this common language to talk about and all the important inner things. ”

    keynote speaker and mother of 3

  • Rewire ApS

    “I was so happy that I fell asleep.”

    6 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “Thank you for really good audio files.”

    It is hard to say if it is just that, but have really seen a boy that is thriving in a totally different way than before

    But I notice that my thoughts about him have become totally different and positive, and that is just great!

    So thanks for your great work!””

    high school teacher and mother of a 6-year-old boy

  • Rewire ApS

    “They make me happy - do you have more of them, daddy?”

    11 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “My body is still filled with pink bubbles (the morning after hearing the story, ed.)”

    10 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “Absolutely fantastic product - one of the best take-aways is to know that we are the masters of our thoughts and attitudes, and that is really a gift to learn so early”

    Mother of 3

  • Rewire ApS

    “It’s nice to be able to fall asleep to Jon’s training if you’ve had a bad day. It calms you and you fall asleep more easily.”

    10 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “I love hearing the stories for adults, and it’s really nice to reprogram my own view of my son. It makes me happy to see him in a positive light, and I think it also rubs off on him now and then.”

    Rhythm Educator

  • Rewire ApS

    “You can quickly notice a difference in the child. And as an adult, you become more aware of the essentials.😊”

    Health and Social Worker

  • Rewire ApS

    “Totally fantastic children’s program. It’s beautiful, touching and a wonderful gift for children and their parents. What a world we can have!”

    Retired Head of Municipal Institutions

  • Rewire ApS

    “If I may be egotistical, the (best, ed.) thing is experiencing the changes in my own thoughts and my view of our children. It’s also so fun to see our (6-year-old) daughter’s joy in these stories. I also listen to the kids’ stories, so we can talk about it and fantasize together and think it through and into our daily lives.”

    MSc. and mother of 2

  • Rewire ApS

    “My daughter is calmed by the stories and the bedtime routine has gotten easier for her.”

    Preschool teacher and mother of 2

  • Rewire ApS

    “Sylvester is 3 ½ years old. But I had to give it a try!!!
    We heard it two times this evening and he gobbled it up.
    He fell asleep at the end of the second listening.
    Just a fantastic end to the day.
    And I was so relieved and happy, that I’ve shared on both Facebook and Instagram.
    Thank you so much.
    Sleep well! :)”

  • Rewire ApS

    “The bubbles of happiness are so fantastic. My daughter and I say goodbye in the morning by throwing bubbles of happiness to each other. That is really a lovely start to the day. ❤️🙏🏻

    You have made a huge difference in our everyday life. Thanks to you. 🙏🏻”

    Pharmaconomist and mother of two

  • Rewire ApS

    “And thanks again for a good product - we greatly enjoy listening to the journeys 😀”

    mother of a 7-year-old boy

  • Rewire ApS

    “Thank you for the good children’s stories with your very relaxing narration.
    The only problem is that they are so effective, that I fall asleep before my son. ☺️🙏”

    Social worker and mother of 2

  • Rewire ApS

    “An exercise for children, where you can learn to be more positive.”

    10 years old

  • Rewire ApS

    “...have just tried the first one with the bubbles this evening for my daughters, 6 and 8 (she turns 9 tomorrow). The oldest fell asleep as she lay with me and we listened to the story - the youngest is in bed, singing sweet songs to her teddy bear before she falls asleep.😍😍😍 I am looking forward to putting them to bed tomorrow.”

  • Rewire ApS

    “We have been at it for 14 days now, and the kids just love their “story”... :) It has been SO easy to start up with it…
    They get a bedtime story every evening and again in the morning to wake up to… and have actually noticed that neither of them have mentioned having nightmares in this period.”

  • Rewire ApS

    “My kids love the stories 🙂
    Absolutely fantastic product, have 3 kids from ages 7-12 who all love the stories.
    We typically use them at bedtime, where they lay and listen while they fall asleep.
    They all have their favorite stories, but the bigger kids usually choose based on what is going on in their everyday life.
    For example, Courage, when they had some classmates that they didn’t want to go along with in something...or gratitude when they had a lot of complaints for a while 😀
    All the themes make for good chats about what the contents mean, and how you can use it.
    But one of the best takeaways is that they understand that you are the master of your thoughts and attitude, and that is really a gift to learn so early!”

    mother of 3

Hubert’s 12 Journeys contain:

12 Audio Stories For Kids

There are two endings for each story - one for bedtime, and one to hear during the day.

Email feedback

You can ask specific questions and get personal guidance via email.


A closed Facebook group where you can chat directly with Elsebeth and Jonas, along with other parents.

  • The 12 stories are AUDIO FILES which last 20-30 minutes.
  • You get access to an “online members’ area” from where the stories can be streamed directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Listen to a sample here: ↓

Could not find video with ID 4840440. Maybe it was deleted?

“Absolutely fantastic product - one of the best takeaways is knowing that we are the masters of our thoughts and attitudes, and that is really a gift to learn so early”.

Rikke - Mother of 3

Send your child on a journey with Hubert now

- and let your child LEARN how to use Creative Visualization while the Audio Stories nourish Self-Esteem, Courage, and Optimism!

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That is, within the first 10 days, you can get your money back and you don’t even have to give a reason.

You can start today with filling your child’s mind with positive thoughts as they listen to the Audio Stories.

It's COMPLETELY RISK-FREE - if you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back!

There is no better time to get started than right now!

As the old Chinese saying goes:

“When is the best time to plant a tree? 

Twenty years ago - the second-best time is TODAY!”


Your child is growing and developing every single day!

Start sowing the right thought seeds in your child’s mind today, so your child doesn’t think in 20 years:

“If I’d only learned this when I was a kid - everything would have been different…”.

How to order Hubert’s 12 Journeys

When you click on “order now,” you are sent to a page where you enter your name, email address, and credit card information.

Afterward, you will be logged in on the members’ area, where you have access to stream the stories on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You will receive an email with your log-in and other practical information about how to get started.

Hubert's First Journey


1 Audio Story

Instant access

All Hubert's 12 Journeys


Save 49%

12 Audio Stories

Special offer - valid in September 2022 ONLY


What you think, you become!


We know; we’ve heard it many times before…

What we think really DOES matter.

The way your child thinks and sees themselves has CRITICAL importance for how your child manages in their daily life.

It affects their ability to think, concentration, learning, feelings and behavior.

Thoughts about being weak or lacking, don’t deserve good things, or overly exaggerated focus on their mistakes will take attention away from those things that go well, and the strengths your child already has. 

What your child thinks of themselves can directly affect their future to their detriment.


The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself

- Goethe

History is full of examples of people who thought ill of themselves and their possibilities.

Thought that they didn’t deserve friends, family, success and a happy life.

To oppress yourself in that way is, in fact, the greatest evil that can befall a person.

Start today by filling up your child’s mind with positive thoughts, self-esteem and characteristics that create the basis for a meaningful life…

- your child will thank you for it…

And you no longer need to worry about whether you are doing ENOUGH for your child’s mental development!

More about the 12 Journeys with Hubert

-the one with the bubbles

Hubert shows your child how they can make happiness grow - by making bubbles of happiness.

In this story, your child learns how to use the magic computer.

And the boy, Hubert, appears for the first time.

“I am your friend, “ he says. “Together, we can do anything.”

With the help of Hubert’s magic powers, they go together to The Valley of Happiness.

Here he shows how you can make happiness grow - by making bubbles of happiness.

The bubbles float out into your whole body - more and more of them, and soon happiness has spread to the whole world.

-the one with the bubbles 500x500 (1)
2-horse (1) (1)

-the one with the horse

Your child learns that it is a good thing to be able to like yourself.

In Hubert’s Universe “you can make up all the stories about yourself, just how you want; here you can’t think bad thoughts about yourself or anyone else.

Here you can only think thoughts that make you happy and content and proud to be you.”

In this story, your child and Hubert go on another adventure.

This time the trip goes to The Palace of Love.

But first you just have to remember to totally relax in your body - before we’re off at top speed on the big white horse.

In The Palace of Love your child sees how it feels to love themselves - and again to spread that wonderful feeling throughout the whole body.

The child learns that it’s a good thing to be able to like yourself, “because you have to be together with yourself day and night your whole life.”

-the one with the island

Your child learns how to make a friend.

Today your child flies off to The Friendship Island on Hubert’s back, who has transformed into an eagle. On this exciting journey your child becomes familiar with the fact that you actually have to be able to do something in order to make a friend.

Your child meets other children and together they are shown how you learn to be a good friend - because it’s something you can learn, just like learning to ride a bike - you just have to practice.

“Because no one else in the world can make a friend for you - you have to do it yourself.” 

It’s also on this journey that your child finds out that Hubert is invisible to other children. Weird!

“But who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your guide.”

3-island (1)
4-strong AND Healthy 500x500 Refresh (1)

-the one with the magic potion

Hubert teaches your child how to keep their body strong and healthy.

The journey with Hubert speeds along with long, long jumps; he can nearly fly 

- how could that be possible?

Today Hubert teaches your child how you can have influence over your own body.

They will climb trees in a most unusual way.

“You speak to your body; it can hear what you say, “ explains Hubert.

And then something happens - JUMP! And the kids are swinging from tree to tree.

“If the monkeys can, then I can, too!” the kids cheer.

Later on the journey, the two kids meet the wise old woman who talks with nature.

With a magic potion, she gives the formula for health and strength that live in the body.

“All my cells are healthy and strong,” it sings inside your child.

-the one where you become invisible

Hubert demonstrates how Gratitude can make your child friendlier and more positive.

Gratitude increases our joy of being, and we gain focus on those things that give life meaning. 

Today your child will go out on their first mission. Hubert has work to do, and he needs your child’s help. The task is to help two kids who always complain and are never satisfied, even though they have everything they need. They whine all the time - there is just so much that isn’t good enough.

But to succeed in this task, both Hubert and your child must become invisible. Hubert waves his hand in a circle, and now the mission can begin.

They take off with the words: “Thanks for everything - Thanks for everything!”

5-invisible (1)
6-ballon (1)

-the one with the hot air balloon

 "I believe in the best thing - I believe in myself", say the Optimists.

The two kids have yet another mission to carry out.

“Good thing you came, I’ve been waiting for you. We have a lot to do,” says Hubert.

They float in a hot air balloon to The Land of the Pessimists, where everything is hard for people.

People can only see a dark and sad world. They always think of the worst things - yes, it’s a sad sight.

Together, the kids send new thoughts to the people with their laser beam pointer fingers. 

And right in front of their eyes, they transform and become friendly and loving to each other. 

On the way home, they make a little side trip to The Land of the Optimists, where everyone is peaceful and happy. 

“I believe in the best things - I believe in myself, “ say the Optimists, because that is what they have learned to think ever since they were born.

-the one with the fishing boat

Your child learns that having Courage makes a thing possible.

Everything in life takes Courage, because Courage makes a thing possible.

It takes Courage to make new friends. 

It takes Courage to get better at something and learn new things.

On this journey the children take on a big project.

They hop on the fishing boat and go out on the big sea. The child looks at Hubert - Hubert can do everything and knows everything.

“Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I am determination.”

They visit an old Japanese master in archery who can concentrate on controlling his body and his thoughts.

“You have courage in you; you can become master of anything. Everyone can learn something new - but only when you stop being afraid of making a mistake,” says the master.

“Here, we practice keeping up our courage, even though you miss the mark, and here you can practice doing something you’ve never dared to do before.”

7-boat (1)
8-cat (1)

-the one with the cat

Your child experiences that it takes Self-Control if they want to achieve something.

Almost no matter what we do, Self-Control is involved.

Without it, we would never get out of bed in the morning, and do what there is to do.

Mr. Chang the cat takes the lead, so your child can find Hubert, because a demanding task awaits.

The kids must visit a hermit who lives on a mountain.

If you can climb the mountain, you will be able to access his secret.

If you want to achieve something, it takes willpower, and fortunately, Hubert helps out as always.

“You are well equipped if you can concentrate and hang on - and you finally get your reward,” assures Hubert.

They get to the top, and your child learns the secret - which can fit in your pocket!

-the one with the train

Your child builds an inner secret treehouse where they can always find peace and quiet.

On this journey your child is on their own. Hubert isn’t there like he normally is. “Where are you, Hubert?

Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your inner voice. Listen to me and follow me.”

Hubert has a surprise - a secret treehouse in the tree, but it’s not any ordinary treehouse. “Here there is always peace and quiet, and here you always feel good about yourself.”

But the kids have to move on, because there are other kids that need help.

There is a place where someone has gotten mad at someone else and they are about to start fighting; and in another place, there is an unsure little girl who thinks that no one will play with her.

They use The Cloud of Forgetfulness - and then see what happens…

“You have gotten really good at using your thoughts the right way,” says Hubert with a smile.

And they send a thank you to the cute little cloud.

9-train (1)
10-treasure (1)

-the one with the treasure

Your child learns that they truly are a treasure and that “It’s wonderful to be me!”.

“I wonder what Hubert will say this time?”

“Think of your treehouse and then you’ll be there.”

Yes indeed, there sits Hubert on the stairs, waiting, and then the two kids take off to find a very valuable treasure.

“What sort of treasure were you talking about, Hubert?”

“You will recognize it because it lights up in the same way that you do.”

And then the magical adventure unfolds.

With a little help from Hubert, they fly to the world’s biggest and loveliest library.

The librarian, who is wearing a sparkling cape, takes a little book down from the shelf. 

Described in this nice little book are all the most beautiful characteristics of your child. It is an unforgettable day…

“It’s wonderful to be me.

I’m as valuable as a treasure.

It’s wonderful to be me,” it sings inside your child.

-the one with the phone

This journey takes your child to The New World, where everyone lives peacefully like a big family.

Your child knows just what to do to find their travel buddy, Hubert.

“But who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your anchor.”

Today the journey takes them to The New World, where everyone lives peacefully like a great big family.

A light shines out from Hubert’s hands, and in a split second they are standing in a magically beautiful place.

They arrive just in time for a lesson at The World University for children.

Here, children practice everyday to think:

“I live peacefully with others.”

They hear a call - it’s Mother Earth calling…

And the journey ends with Hubert’s well-known words:

“Thank you for today, my friend. If you need me, just think of me and I’ll be there.”

11-phone (1)
12-trampoline (1)

-the one with the trampoline

Your child learns to use Hubert as a guide for making good decisions (Hubert is really the child’s own wise conscious thought).

On the last journey, your child will travel solely on their own power, without holding Hubert’s hand. Your child leads the way on the Thought Arrow, which hits its target with precision - on the African savannah. Here they meet a medicine man who is curious to know how they use thoughts in the place where the children come from.

“On liking yourself,” your child answers boldly.

But the question nags at your child.

“Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I am your conscience, your guide, your determination, your common sense. I am your inner voice. I am your Thought.

In reality I’m invisible, because you can’t see your thoughts, can you? I have made myself visible just so you could get to know me and become just like me.”

The journeys with Hubert have shown your child that when we have made contact with the wise conscious Thought - Hubert - and he has become our friend, he will always be there for us, and guide us over obstacles, because he knows the way.

We are always together, the two of us - I am your friend!

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) 

  • I bought the first 3 Audio Stories and want to order all 12 - can I get my first purchase deducted?
  • My child isn’t between 5-12 years old - can these stories still be used?
    • Hubert's 12 Journeys are developed for children from 5 to 12 years old.
      The stories are built around everyday situations that are significant in a school-aged child as a starting point.
      -If the child is younger, they may not identify with the school situations, but will still be able to listen to it as a story, and use it to calm down (and subconsciously receive the positive messages).
      Sylvester, age 3, has heard the first story and his mother reports:

Sylvester is 3 ½ years old. But I had to give it a try!!!
We heard it two times this evening and he gobbled it up.
He fell asleep at the end of the second listening.
Just a fantastic end to the day.
And I was so relieved and happy, that I’ve shared on both Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you so much.

Sleep well! :)

If your child is older and closer to puberty, then the Audio Stories can (perhaps) be perceived as “childish.” But there is a lot of variation among children and there are lots of “big” kids who listen and benefit from them.
There are also adults who have benefitted from listening to the Audio Stories, both with their kids and alone. An adult who listens to the children’s stories will typically work through or heal their “inner child.”

  • Is the log-in private, or can both mom and dad (and the child) have access?
    • Log-in can be shared between the child’s closest adults.
  • Is Hubert’s 12 Journeys a subscription?
    • -No, it’s a one-time payment.
  • How does the satisfaction guarantee work?
    • If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the stories, just write to support and we will refund the full amount to your credit card.
  • How long is an Audio Story?
    • There are two endings for each Audio Story - one for bedtime, and one to hear during the day.
      The stories last 26-33 minutes and 17-23 minutes, respectively.
  • How/where do you listen to the stories?
    • You get access to a member’s area from which the stories can be streamed to a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Can you get the stories as a book/text or on CD/download?
    • No, the stories can only be streamed.

Hubert’s 12 Journeys will teach your child how to use Creative Visualization to gain Self-Esteem, Courage and Optimism 

- the simple hands-on way for kids to nourish their latent virtues that will soon start to appear in their attitude...

Special Audio Stories for Kids aged 5-12 with the BEST of:

★Creative Visualization
★Cognitive Therapy
★Positive Psychology
★Spiritual Science


  • 12 Audio Stories For Kids
    • There are two endings for each story - one for bedtime, and one to hear during the day.
  • Email feedback
    • You can ask specific questions and get personal guidance via email.
  • Forum
    • A closed Facebook group where you can chat directly with Elsebeth and Jonas, along with other parents.

The 12 stories are AUDIO FILES that last about 20-30 minutes

You get access to an online members’ area from which the stories can be streamed directly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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All Hubert's 12 Journeys


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