“That everyone – children and adults alike – learn that with Audio Thought Training, we can change our thoughts and develop exactly those personal qualities and characteristics that we desire.”

With Audio Thought Training, we give your child the opportunity to train a range of qualities and characteristics that benefit both your child, your family and humanity.

Elsebeth Gronemann

Psychologist (MSc in Psychology) / Mental training expert

  • Has worked with adults in growth training for more than 35 years – the last 30 years in connection with thought processes
  • Sees creative thought as humanity’s most important survival tactic
  • Is inspired by Western psychology and Eastern philosophy – both from studies and from annual trips to India over a span of 20 years
  • Is involved in the Cause/Effect process. That thought is the cause, which always has an effect
  • Sees development of value-based thinking and human characteristics as our future

Jonas (Jon) Napier, CEO

MSc, father of 4 and former professional volleyball player

  • National volleyball player 1997-2010 and played professionally 2001-2006 in Holland, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy and France
  • Multiple Danish Champion, Cup winner and Nordic Champion in volleyball, and Danish Champion in beach volleyball
  • Has throughout his entire career utilized and experimented with various forms of mental training
  • Is fascinated by quantum physics and the idea that everything is made up of energy, and that we create our own reality
  • Worked 7 years as an environmental advisor – has a passion for a sustainable planet, innovation and for spreading knowledge about Conscious Thought Training

The theory behind Rewire Audio


Through our thoughts and imaginings, we construct the inner and the outer world.

-Irene Henriette Oestrich, psychologist

Rewire Audio has its theoretical and practical foundation in Cognitive Therapy, combined with relaxation and visualization techniques.

As a psychologist, Elsebeth has, through more than 35 years, met countless adults who have changed themselves and their lives by learning about Thought and how it works.

In the therapeutic process, one focuses on the destructive behavior, emotional imbalance and other negative states of mind where cognitive methods and strategies are extremely useful.

For those who are ill, Cognitive Therapy is a powerful tool. But along the way, it became clear to Elsebeth, that the teachings of Conscious Thought can transform and improve life for ALL individuals.

My thoughts today create my reality tomorrow

In other words, we can consciously create who we will be in the future.

In recent years, we have seen increased attention and effort directed towards the protection of physical, psychological, social and mental health and the connection between all of them.

Eastern traditions, and philosophy and medicine of past times knew of this connection, which modern research is now mapping out.

In Rewire Audio, we have put together a series of techniques that have been known and shown to be effective over thousands of years. We build bridges between the healing and development methods of times gone by and modern scientific research.

Children are given the opportunity to experience and acknowledge their own innate values which can contribute to personal, social and moral development.

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