More about the 12 Journeys with Hubert

-the one with the bubbles

Hubert shows your child how they can make happiness grow - by making bubbles of happiness.

In this story, your child learns how to use the magic computer.

And the boy, Hubert, appears for the first time.

“I am your friend, “ he says. “Together, we can do anything.”

With the help of Hubert’s magic powers, they go together to The Valley of Happiness.

Here he shows how you can make happiness grow - by making bubbles of happiness.

The bubbles float out into your whole body - more and more of them, and soon happiness has spread to the whole world.

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2-horse (1) (1)

-the one with the horse

Your child learns that it is a good thing to be able to like yourself.

In Hubert’s Universe “you can make up all the stories about yourself, just how you want; here you can’t think bad thoughts about yourself or anyone else.

Here you can only think thoughts that make you happy and content and proud to be you.”

In this story, your child and Hubert go on another adventure.

This time the trip goes to The Palace of Love.

But first you just have to remember to totally relax in your body - before we’re off at top speed on the big white horse.

In The Palace of Love your child sees how it feels to love themselves - and again to spread that wonderful feeling throughout the whole body.

The child learns that it’s a good thing to be able to like yourself, “because you have to be together with yourself day and night your whole life.”

-the one with the island

Your child learns how to make a friend.

Today your child flies off to The Friendship Island on Hubert’s back, who has transformed into an eagle. On this exciting journey your child becomes familiar with the fact that you actually have to be able to do something in order to make a friend.

Your child meets other children and together they are shown how you learn to be a good friend - because it’s something you can learn, just like learning to ride a bike - you just have to practice.

“Because no one else in the world can make a friend for you - you have to do it yourself.” 

It’s also on this journey that your child finds out that Hubert is invisible to other children. Weird!

“But who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your guide.”

3-island (1)
4-strong AND Healthy 500x500 Refresh (1)

-the one with the magic potion

Hubert teaches your child how to keep their body strong and healthy.

The journey with Hubert speeds along with long, long jumps; he can nearly fly 

- how could that be possible?

Today Hubert teaches your child how you can have influence over your own body.

They will climb trees in a most unusual way.

“You speak to your body; it can hear what you say, “ explains Hubert.

And then something happens - JUMP! And the kids are swinging from tree to tree.

“If the monkeys can, then I can, too!” the kids cheer.

Later on the journey, the two kids meet the wise old woman who talks with nature.

With a magic potion, she gives the formula for health and strength that live in the body.

“All my cells are healthy and strong,” it sings inside your child.

-the one where you become invisible

Hubert demonstrates how Gratitude can make your child friendlier and more positive.

Gratitude increases our joy of being, and we gain focus on those things that give life meaning. 

Today your child will go out on their first mission. Hubert has work to do, and he needs your child’s help. The task is to help two kids who always complain and are never satisfied, even though they have everything they need. They whine all the time - there is just so much that isn’t good enough.

But to succeed in this task, both Hubert and your child must become invisible. Hubert waves his hand in a circle, and now the mission can begin.

They take off with the words: “Thanks for everything - Thanks for everything!”

5-invisible (1)
6-ballon (1)

-the one with the hot air balloon

 "I believe in the best thing - I believe in myself", say the Optimists.

The two kids have yet another mission to carry out.

“Good thing you came, I’ve been waiting for you. We have a lot to do,” says Hubert.

They float in a hot air balloon to The Land of the Pessimists, where everything is hard for people.

People can only see a dark and sad world. They always think of the worst things - yes, it’s a sad sight.

Together, the kids send new thoughts to the people with their laser beam pointer fingers. 

And right in front of their eyes, they transform and become friendly and loving to each other. 

On the way home, they make a little side trip to The Land of the Optimists, where everyone is peaceful and happy. 

“I believe in the best things - I believe in myself, “ say the Optimists, because that is what they have learned to think ever since they were born.

-the one with the fishing boat

Your child learns that having Courage makes a thing possible.

Everything in life takes Courage, because Courage makes a thing possible.

It takes Courage to make new friends. 

It takes Courage to get better at something and learn new things.

On this journey the children take on a big project.

They hop on the fishing boat and go out on the big sea. The child looks at Hubert - Hubert can do everything and knows everything.

“Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I am determination.”

They visit an old Japanese master in archery who can concentrate on controlling his body and his thoughts.

“You have courage in you; you can become master of anything. Everyone can learn something new - but only when you stop being afraid of making a mistake,” says the master.

“Here, we practice keeping up our courage, even though you miss the mark, and here you can practice doing something you’ve never dared to do before.”

7-boat (1)
8-cat (1)

-the one with the cat

Your child experiences that it takes Self-Control if they want to achieve something.

Almost no matter what we do, Self-Control is involved.

Without it, we would never get out of bed in the morning, and do what there is to do.

Mr. Chang the cat takes the lead, so your child can find Hubert, because a demanding task awaits.

The kids must visit a hermit who lives on a mountain.

If you can climb the mountain, you will be able to access his secret.

If you want to achieve something, it takes willpower, and fortunately, Hubert helps out as always.

“You are well equipped if you can concentrate and hang on - and you finally get your reward,” assures Hubert.

They get to the top, and your child learns the secret - which can fit in your pocket!

-the one with the train

Your child builds an inner secret treehouse where they can always find peace and quiet.

On this journey your child is on their own. Hubert isn’t there like he normally is. “Where are you, Hubert?

Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your inner voice. Listen to me and follow me.”

Hubert has a surprise - a secret treehouse in the tree, but it’s not any ordinary treehouse. “Here there is always peace and quiet, and here you always feel good about yourself.”

But the kids have to move on, because there are other kids that need help.

There is a place where someone has gotten mad at someone else and they are about to start fighting; and in another place, there is an unsure little girl who thinks that no one will play with her.

They use The Cloud of Forgetfulness - and then see what happens…

“You have gotten really good at using your thoughts the right way,” says Hubert with a smile.

And they send a thank you to the cute little cloud.

9-train (1)
10-treasure (1)

-the one with the treasure

Your child learns that they truly are a treasure and that “It’s wonderful to be me!”.

“I wonder what Hubert will say this time?”

“Think of your treehouse and then you’ll be there.”

Yes indeed, there sits Hubert on the stairs, waiting, and then the two kids take off to find a very valuable treasure.

“What sort of treasure were you talking about, Hubert?”

“You will recognize it because it lights up in the same way that you do.”

And then the magical adventure unfolds.

With a little help from Hubert, they fly to the world’s biggest and loveliest library.

The librarian, who is wearing a sparkling cape, takes a little book down from the shelf. 

Described in this nice little book are all the most beautiful characteristics of your child. It is an unforgettable day…

“It’s wonderful to be me.

I’m as valuable as a treasure.

It’s wonderful to be me,” it sings inside your child.

-the one with the phone

This journey takes your child to The New World, where everyone lives peacefully like a big family.

Your child knows just what to do to find their travel buddy, Hubert.

“But who are you really, Hubert?”

“I’m your anchor.”

Today the journey takes them to The New World, where everyone lives peacefully like a great big family.

A light shines out from Hubert’s hands, and in a split second they are standing in a magically beautiful place.

They arrive just in time for a lesson at The World University for children.

Here, children practice everyday to think:

“I live peacefully with others.”

They hear a call - it’s Mother Earth calling…

And the journey ends with Hubert’s well-known words:

“Thank you for today, my friend. If you need me, just think of me and I’ll be there.”

11-phone (1)
12-trampoline (1)

-the one with the trampoline

Your child learns to use Hubert as a guide for making good decisions (Hubert is really the child’s own wise conscious thought).

On the last journey, your child will travel solely on their own power, without holding Hubert’s hand. Your child leads the way on the Thought Arrow, which hits its target with precision - on the African savannah. Here they meet a medicine man who is curious to know how they use thoughts in the place where the children come from.

“On liking yourself,” your child answers boldly.

But the question nags at your child.

“Who are you really, Hubert?”

“I am your conscience, your guide, your determination, your common sense. I am your inner voice. I am your Thought.

In reality I’m invisible, because you can’t see your thoughts, can you? I have made myself visible just so you could get to know me and become just like me.”

The journeys with Hubert have shown your child that when we have made contact with the wise conscious Thought - Hubert - and he has become our friend, he will always be there for us, and guide us over obstacles, because he knows the way.

We are always together, the two of us - I am your friend!


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